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Rutilated Quartz Wrap Around Bracelet | Convertible Necklace

Rutilated Quartz gems encased in a black frame are raised on one size and flat on the other so the stones lay flat against your wrist.  Wrap around your wrist twice and fasten with our easy to use toggle clasp.  Stack this bracelet with our "Pyrite Bead Crystal Magnetic Clasp Bracelet" for impact.  Worn as a bracelet, length is 13-1/2".

BONUS!  This necklace can also be worn as a necklace. It comes with an adjustable chain (shown in last image) with a toggle clasp.  You simply clasp the bracelet onto the adjustable chain using the toggle clasp on each end and voila you have a necklace! Worn as a necklace with the adjustable chain, length is 15-1/4".