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Vertical Planting

June 25, 2016

Vertical Planting

My husband and I were out to dinner the other night at Urban Plates, one of our favorite local restaurants for quick and healthy dining. Love the urban decor of this restaurant. There were 3 different vertical plants displays - each gorgeous. This one was my favorite.

So I've been thinking more about setting up a vertical planter in our home or on our deck and discovered this AMAZING planter today. Wow. Perfect for me since I do not have a green thumb. Love that you can grow cooking herbs, medicinal plants, vegetables, succulents and more with this unique planting system called Plug & Plant from Vertical Planter.

More beautiful vertical planting ideas:

Gorgeous succulents against a light aqua wall... *sigh*
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Love this wall display below with ferns and moss ~ so unique.
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Beautiful for a backyard...a little cafe table and chair is all that's needed to
make this a very cozy spot. 

I so need this one!  Fresh basil, cilantro, parsley, mint - all at your finger tips.

Assuming this kitchen gets Lots of direct sunlight...CONVENIENCE ++!
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Pretty and Rustic.

And for the OVER achiever - this vertical wall garden by botanist Patrick Blanc.


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