How to Achieve Beach Hair

June 15, 2016

How to Achieve Beach Hair

So thought I would experiment today....recently got this haircut below..
My long hair chopped off.  Still trying to get used to
new cut and color...different stylist after 9 years. Yikes.
For a different look I wanted to try doing a natural look
experimenting with the DIY beach spray. Here's the recipe
I used to hopefully achieve something like a natural beach wave.

After you get above mixture into your hair, you are supposed to take sections (like 20 pieces of hair) and twirl the section down to the ends. What I didn't know was that my hands were still heavily infused the delightful smell of fresh garlic - having just prepped tonight's dinner...even though I am certain I washed them 2 times!  So instead of a delightful summer beachy smell, my hair smells like I slimed garlic all over it, which evidently I did to some degree....What will my Dear Husband say when he kisses me hello tonight.  ;)

Am hoping for this kind of look - but with short hair...I do Love these beachy waves.

Pretty much how my short hair looks now...hoping it will look better in the morning.

More beachy waves, sans the garlic.

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